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How do you play Olympus Gates?


May 25, 2022

Imagine arriving at the Gates of Olympus only to be greeted by a grumpy Zeus with blazing blue eyes, ready to pelt you with lightning bolts. The Ancient Greek gods were notoriously fickle, with many people believing that they were more or less human-like beings who get given the authority to do anything they pleased. Mortals had to keep their heads down, respect the gods, and hope they didn’t catch them off guard. However, after reading the classics, the slot olympus appears that sacrificing the appropriate amount of bulls was no guarantee.

Gates of Olympus Instructions:
Gates of Olympus is simple to play, like many other slots. For that particular game, the reels will spin, and the slot olympus will handle the rest. Most Pragmatic Play slots have features that make gameplay more simple and enjoyable. No exception gets made in Gates of Olympus.

● The first change to the game is the left-hand toggle, which allows you to wager a bit extra every spin to increase your chances of winning the feature. This tiny feature adds to the excitement of the game and looks to be a fair trade.
● Second, Gates of Olympus, like many other new online slots, allows players to skip all of the reel spinnings and get straight to the bonus game. It will cost you 100 times your Gates of Olympus wager. Players may buy the bonus for $100 or spin for $1 to obtain it sooner. It is up to the participants to decide what they want to do in this situation. Setting the price at 100 times the stake amount, on the other hand, should provide players with a clear indicator of how frequently they may anticipate winning a bonus if they opt to spin the reels.
● Finally, this game includes an autoplay mode, as do other Pragmatic Play games. Select the number of spins to do in a row by clicking the “autoplay” button in the bottom-right corner. Unfortunately, Pragmatic Play hasn’t included some of the more complex autoplay features in this slot, such as halting once a certain amount of money has been lost or pausing after a big win.

Special Features in Olympus’ Gates:

This video slot olympus with a Greek theme has a lot going on. The Tumble function kicks in when a player strikes a winning combination. As a result, the participating symbols erupt and disappear from the grid, only to be replaced by new ones. The game then calculates and delivers a reward, and the feature repeats until no new winning combinations get produced.

There’s also the Multiplier option. When the animated Zeus awakens from his nap and throws a winged spherical item into the reels, it activates at random. Finally, the free spins bonus is triggered by landing at least four Zeus scatter symbols on the grid. As a result, the game will provide you with 15 free spins and a prize of up to 100 times your original wager. Even better, multipliers can emerge during the free spins feature, boosting a player’s chances of winning.

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